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PWA Welcomes You!
<Problem With Authority> is a new PvPvE progression guild that has built their trust towards the Alliance! We would never ask more of you than to honor and respect others within' our "guild family," but we also ask that you respect all players of the community.

Do I have to be Hardcore to join?

Of course not, we want everyone to feel welcome, so we'll respect the fact that you want to progress at your own rate while having fun.

How do promotions work?

Much like a real-life job, you'll be promoted through hard work, progression, loyalty, & helping others.

Is there an official telecommunication software I need?

Nope, if you'd like to chat with others, you can do it in-game or use the server's official TeamSpeak server.

May I have multiple characters in the guild?

Yes, you may have as many characters as you'd like in the guild.

May I have more than one character ranked as an officer in the guild?

No, the first character you join the guild with will be considered your main character and will be the only one permitted to gain the Officer rank.

May I use the Guild Vault for other characters not in the guild?

Most certainly not, characters outside the guild must farm the items themselves, or join to get the items. People found passing out items to other characters outside the guild will suffer the consequences.

How do I join?

To join, you may whisper Kayle, Sache, or Dre in-game for an invite, upon getting invited, make sure you sign up on this site!
Shanea / Aug 26, 2011
Today was the official grand opening of our amazing guild <Problem With Authority>. We're always open to inviting others that have the same intentions as we do.

What are our intentions?

Well, our intentions are progression, friendliness, loyalty, respect, and much more!

If you feel you fit these intentions, whisper us for an invitation and sign up here. :)

- Shanea
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